Attention to all schools, clubs, students and groups

We have launched a new website that is a charity for children. Children will have the opportunity to learn about a pony named Winston and his friends. One of the donations is an adoption share of Winston that can be purchased and become part of his life. Educational stories, blogs, videos, and games will be developed as we proceed further into the websites potential. The goal is to have schools involved, let them learn ways to help a small charity and win some money for the school, students, clubs, etc. We have a contest that a class, group, club or a single student can participate in. We will also take multiple videos from the same school. This is a great way to teach a marketing class or simply use as a class project. The way to win the contest is to make a two minute or less video to be placed on YouTube. Here are the details and rules. Make sure you read the entire way to submit your video to Email: The website is this is a free educational website for anyone to use or learn from. To support the charity we have developed a program where a person can purchase one share of a pony as a gift. We know every person at one time or another wanted a pony! We are looking for a fun all around YouTube video that explains the charity and why people should get involved. The proceeds will go to education, scholarships, and horse rescue nonprofit businesses. We are a registered IRS 501 (c) 3. You can find information about Pony 4 Precious on our website.

Information on the contest

The video needs to be posted on YouTube by March 15, 2020. Submit the video by sending the URL to with your name and valid email address so we can contact the winners. We are looking for fun, creative and entertaining videos targeted towards kids ages 3 to 13. It can be a song, commercial, skit or anything you can think of. We will offer prizes for the top three Youtube videos that has the most hits by May 15, 2020. To pay out all three prizes we must have a minimum of 30 YouTube videos or we will only pay out first place. Make sure you receive your parents or schools permission before entering this contest. Also, make sure you receive permission from any person who you choose to include in your video.

  • First Prize $500
  • Second Prize $300 (Must have 20 or more videos to be posted or no payout)
  • Third Prize $200 (Must have 30 or more videos to be posted or no payout)

Here are the rules

You will need to submit the video to or Email: and Pony 4 Precious will post on YouTube. The video must be two minutes or less. Pony 4 Precious will require having a copy of the winning videos. The contest winners will be paid by June 15, 2018. In each email, please include your name, address to send the check to, who you would like the check to be made out to, a brief bio about yourself/group, and a formal written consent stating you give Pony 4 Precious full access to your video after receiving your copy upon winning. This contest is open to anyone. This money could go towards your cheerleading group, sports team, girl or boy scouts group, club or even an individual person. Pony 4 Precious has the right not to use your video at any time. The board of directors of Pony 4 Precious will pick the winners but this will be the top YouTube views. Videos that are inappropriate, discriminatory, offensive or does not properly portray the overall message of Pony 4 Precious will be automatically disqualified. The earlier you have this posted, the more views you can achieve. We look forward to seeing your submissions and just have FUN! For more questions please go to Info@pony4 or Email: