Cowboy Mike is a published Author, Professional Speaker, Chief Executive Officer of Bello Sol Inc, and Pony 4 precious. Cowboy Mike did not own a horse until he was 50 years old. His daughter Katryna was in horseback riding lessons and competed in local Arizona events. Cowboy Mike purchased Katryna her first horse AM War Steed aka Blue, a beautiful white Arabian horse. He was tired of paying a monthly stall fee so he purchased his first ranch in Buckeye, Arizona. This is where he fell in love with horses and became a cowboy then left his corporate job to spend more time riding and learning about horses and ponies.Cowboy Mike started to take riding lessons with Gary BadDog Bennett. Gary taught Mike to learn to love riding and consequently Cowboy Mike was introduced to a sport called Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Cowboy Mike’s passion leads him to be involved in the ACMSA., he was on the Board of Directors and is the past President. Cowboy Mike has written many articles for Bridle and Bit magazine. He has trained with some of the top trainers in the world in Cowboy Mounted Shooting.For more information about Cowboy Mounted Shooting go to or Mike resides on a ranch in Prescott, Arizona with his two horses, Blue, Bones, JR move to the Grand Canyon to do trail rides, and of course Winston the Pony. Cowboy Mike hopes you will join the fun and become part of Winston’s life or help support the charity with a donation or sponsorship. If you like to order his books on Amazon. They are called CEO-Stories, A day in the Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston, and A day at Blue Mountain Ranch with Cowboy Mike and Winston.


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