Small Town Roads by Katryna Eastwood

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Meet Katryna Eastwood, a 19-year-old singer from Buckeye who you should really keep your eye (and ears) on!  She recently wrong and performed the title song for a locally shot Western movie (Copper Wind) and also released her first solo single, “All The Girls Go Bang”  and her first album Small Town Roads.   The Ensemble, where she started experimenting with songwriting.)  Katryna, pictured above at the premiere of Copper Wind at the amazing and historic Herberger Theater, is talented and brings a fresh, sweet voice and perspective to country music. 100% of Katryna’s CD sales will be donated to Pony 4 Precious.
A Few Songs off Katryna Album


1) Gift From My Angel- Gift from my Angel is the memory of someone you have lost. When you lose someone in your life little things bring you back to when they were with you. Such as turning on their favorite light or playing a piano. It’s almost comforting to me thinking that I wouldn’t be the person who I am if it wasn’t for them. Doing the things they used to do reminds me of all the good times. It reminds me of all the laughs. It reminds me of everything they’ve taught me.
2) Too Late- Too late is about a situation where you know it’s time to move on and pull the chord but the steps to get there is going to be more dramatic then you want. It’s too late to turn back the clock and start over, but it’s also too late to not have any pain from moving on. For me in this situation, more of the dramatic qualities came from the other person and as the more I was moving away the more dramatic the situation got.
3) 31 Days- 31 Days was written after I realized how much just happened with in a short period of time. I was flushed with the emotions I felt during that short period of time and I couldn’t decide if I wanted to go back and redo it or if I wanted to forget about it. Everything happened in a blink of an eye, lightning speed and to this day I can’t tell if the lightheartedness and effervescence I felt was worth the scars I received in the end.
4) Starlight- Starlight was a song that I wrote about four times. The evolution of this song is a process I am extremely proud of. I first got the idea of the song when I was on vacation with one of my best friends. We kept running from A to B and when we would be describing our day we kept saying ‘Then we’d run run run then we’d drive drive drive’ and it stuck with me. A few weeks later I was in the car and I was sitting a red light that I felt lasted a lifetime but the whole time I was sitting there I was completely amused by the radio and how this time that could be complete silence was transformed into this moment of happiness.
5) You got me singing- There’s always a time in your life when you are extremely happy and this song represents those moments of total bliss. Every worry in the world just faded away, and it’s sort of like you’re walking on air. There really isn’t any deep lyrics to this song to show that the feeling of merriment is very surface and it’s noticeable to those who see you. I describe a beach in the first verse to give the image of that this moment is picture perfect- almost as if your in one of those musical montages in movies.

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