Pony 4 Precious | Educate Children on Miniature Ponies and Horses Through Free Online Education Training
Our mission is to educate children on miniature ponies and horses through free online education training programs, working with horse rescue originations and awarding yearly scholarships.

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Pony 4 Precious. was founded in 2016 by Mike Eastwood after working with a horse rescue organization that helped him rescue a miniature pony, Winston. His previous owner said he had bad back legs and they could not use him in the show circuit, therefore he was in need of a new home.

Our goal and mission is every day to try and educate children about Winston, miniature ponies, and horses. Our website offers videos, information, pictures, training, games and kid-friendly educational pieces that cater to all different types of kids throughout the world! This website will explain the equine lifestyle and as someone who used to work in the city, I had the opportunity to meet with many families who felt Winston could bring a lot of joy and fun into their lives. Pony 4 Precious. gives children a sense of ownership when being able to own an adoption share of a pony, as well as have access to online activities that will not only be fun for them but also educational.

We also contribute and work with horse rescues programs where we support their process and develop training programs for the children to be educated on. These horse rescues save horses from the slaughter houses and will provide them a second chance at life by rehabilitating and finding a good home for them, such as we found for Winston!

We know all kids love miniature ponies as “everyone wants a pony” but where can they go to learn when living in a city? With the potential of cartoons, toy companies, and YouTube videos, Winston can become a household name!

Our goals for Pony 4 Precious. include granting yearly equine scholarships to provide to those who are looking to further their education after high school. We will work with schools on programs and help fund educational programs that children can be passionate about. Your current state of residence shouldn’t prevent you from being able to learn the important lessons that animals can teach us.

We will offer three programs as the charity grows with Education, Horse Rescue Charities and Scholarships. The success of Pony 4 Precious . is going to be a result of your generous donations which will support the development and growth of our charitable mission.


We Follow Cowboy Ethics Every Day!

  1. Live each day with courage
  2. Take pride in your work
  3. Always finish what you started
  4. Do what has to be done
  5. Be tough, be fair
  6. When you make a promise, Keep it
  7. Ride for the brand
  8. Talk less and say more
  9. Remember that some things aren’t for sale
  10. Know where to draw the line

Pony 4 Precious follows these codes each and every day.