• AGE: 10 Years
  • BREED: Pony
  • GENDER: Gelding
  • HEIGHT: 5.2 hh

Winston has beautiful markings that make him a stunning-looking pony. He is a fun pony who enjoys teasing his brothers, Blue, and Bones. It is easy to adore this sweet and lovable pony. He likes to be walked and brushed, always eager for attention.

What makes Winston so special is that when he was born they said he might not ever be able to run and may even have a hard time walking. His mom and dad are World Class Show Ponies and when Winston was born the Vet said there was no reason to keep him because he will never be a show pony. Cowboy Mike was introduced to Winston and was offered the opportunity to take him in.

Winston loves to run, play, and is sometimes a little crazy. He loves to chase his dogs around the arena, he is happy, healthy, and physically sound. He is always getting in some kind of trouble and is so curious, that when someone drives into the ranch he runs to the fence to see who it is. On occasion, he may even have a big orange cone in his mouth that he had been playing with. We feel blessed to have him and would love to share him with you.

Are you ready to be a part of Winston’s life? Winston’s dream is for everyone to help support his charity with a donation, becoming a sponsor, or becoming a volunteer.  Cowboy Mike and Winston have two books published on Amazon. A Day I the life of Cowboy Mike and Winston and A Day at Blue Mountain Ranch with Cowboy Mike and Winston. 100% of all proceeds from the books are donated to Pony 4 Precious charity.