Pony 4 Precious Scholarship Program Information

This is an annual scholarship program Pony 4 Precious offers to any student. To apply you must fill out the application and do a project for Pony 4 Precious.

Students are required to post a YouTube video or publish a press release in local news paper, blog or online journal about Pony 4 Precious.  Those making a YouTube video, review the contest on the Pony 4 Precious website in accordance with the rules, requirements, and deadlines. Those doing a press release must submit their article as well as proof of being published. (URL or copy of printed paper). These must be submitted with your application.

The board of directors will review all submissions and rank them based upon content, style, format and audience reached. Pony 4 Precious will have the right to use this YouTube video link or press release to post on our website.

Students may refer to data, information and publications provided on the Pony 4 Precious website.

Scholarships awarded will be granted based on the amount of donations we had in the prior year. The award amount and number of scholarships is the decision of the board of the directors. You must send in an application and the YouTube video or press release together to be qualified for a chance to win a scholarship.

Good luck to all students and we look forward to your submissions!

To apply for the scholarship, you must apply online with your application by April 5, 2021 and the winner or winners will be announced in June 2021.


  • 2020 Scholarship winner is Blake Donoho He is attending LSU for a MBA
  • 2019 Winner was Shannon Haupert she attended Grand Canyon University
  • 2018 winner was Central Arizona College on the 25 scholarship program
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