Factors: Learn more about Winston with fun facts on Ponies

Winston or miniature ponies are unusually strong for his small size.

-Winston family was originally bred for pulling carts and would haul coal, corn, wheat, and other supplies. The first breed of ponies that were used for work was the Hackney ponies. They pulled carriages.

-The pony is structurally different from horses in that they have thicker necks, shorter legs, and shorter heads.

-A typical pony can carry around 20% of its own body weight, however, this varies from pony to pony and factors such as age, bone structure, and height must be considered. This means that older children may not be able to ride on the smallest pony.

-When first learning to ride, first practice on well-trained ponies. The size of the pony is closer to there own size and allows them to keep a better sense of balance and control.

-A pony like Winston can pull much more than it can carry some ponies can haul as much weight as a Clydesdale! Can you figure out how much weight they can haul? The can 20 percent of there body weight.

-Many people choose to have ponies rather than standard-sized horses as they present an easier way to accomplish lower end work while requiring half of the food of a standard-sized horse

-People adore anything that think is a smaller or miniaturized version of animals. Since we love horses, it became a natural response to feel a close bond and attraction to ponies.

-At home, Winston plays in a large arena or pastures, Winston love to eat all day if you let him. We feed him Alfalfa and pellets. But we make sure he does not eat too much as he can gain weight very fast.

-How ponies were bred, they do not require as heavy a diet as normal size horses. We give Winston flake twice a day and a bowl of pellets.

-Miniature Horses have been known by a variety of names, with the most common being the Miniature Horse, Miniature Ponies, or the Mini Horse. Some are also called Toy Horses, Pigmy Horses, and Dwarf Horses. A few other less familiar titles include Tiny Horse, Midget Horse, and Miniature Toy Horse.

-Ponies, like horses, have two blind spots where they cannot see. One blind spot is behind them and if they sense someone or something behind them, they will give a powerful kick.

-As you probably know, most horse breeds are measured at the highest point of the withers, but the notable exception to this rule is (yes!) the Miniature Horse. Minis are measured at the last hair of there mane, instead of at the withers.

-Winston will drink between 10 and 20 gallons of water a day. However, the phrase you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink is very true. We make sure there are water buckets all over the ranch and are always full of water. Plus he so funny as he loved to try to drink out of the big horse’s water buckets.

-Winston loves to be washed & conditioned so he can be clean & soft after being out in the field. The bad part is Cowboy Mike gives Winston a bath and he rolls in the dirt. Can you find Winstons picture where he is all muddy?

-Everyone knows not to stand behind a horse. Winston will not kick you if they know you are there, but to be safe you should always avoid running up behind him, hitting him, or kicking him.

-Unlike some horse breeds, which are found in a fairly limited range of colors, Miniature Horses come in an amazing array of colors. In addition to frequently seen colors like black, bay, brown, gray, and chestnut, Miniature Horses can also be found in more unusual colors like cremello, perlino, pintaloosa, and champagne.

-He is funny as when Cowboy Mike cleans his stalls Winston will run to him try to nudge him than run away. This is a game to Winston. He does this with all his horses and dogs too.

-Cowboy Mike takes very good care of Winston, and value his health over anything else. Everyday Cowboy Mike spends time with Winston to make sure he receives love and attention and to see if he is doing ok. The fun part is they like to have a chase game each day. They both like to play on the stalls and the arena.

– Of all the horse breeds in the world, perhaps none are quite as cute and unique as Miniature Horses, which stand about half the height of the average equine. Although some people assume that Minis are just very small ponies, Miniature Horses are proportionally more like full-sized horses in appearance.

-Ponies are not miniature horses. There are separate breeds that are miniature horses and they have other differences.

-During the Industrial Revolution, ponies were called ‘pit ponies’ as they were used to haul coal. This is where you see them pulling wagons. What is one of Winstons brother name?

-Their legs do not break down like big horses. There are so many leg and foot problems in the big horses of today; whereas, minis do not go lame and they are jumping and driving on pavement. This could be due to there lower weight to bone density ratios or due to there short pasterns. To learn how to make some great mini jumps,

-Ponies are very well mannered though some have a reputation for being very irritable. Perhaps this is because they are very intelligent animals.

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-The other is the little dog syndrome. Just like little dogs live longer than big dogs, miniatures live longer, as a general rule, than big horses. In fact, that is true for the horse world. Minis live longer than light horses who live longer than draft horses. On average, miniature horses may live one-third longer than large horses. How old is Winston?

– The American Miniature Horse Registry separates the breed into two distinct divisions, with Division A for Miniature Horses up to 34 inches and Division B for Miniature Horses ranging from 34 inches to 38 inches. This means that some Miniature Horses can be a bit taller than others. What is the little girl in the yellow shirt giving Bones as Blue looks at them both?

-Since their small size makes it possible for Miniature Horses to go places where full-sized horses cannot, such as inside buildings and small rooms. Winston likes to climb into a big blue trash can. The funny part he gets stuck.

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-They seem to oxygenate better as there heart rate and respiration is quite remarkable after covering the same distance as a horse literally four times there size. One vet told me that he does not think there heart and lungs downsized as much as their body which would account for there greater capacity.

-They are also able to withstand colder than any other breed of horses. The vet said that this may have come from the blood of the Shetlands that were originally left to starve on the Shetland Islands. Winston in the winter will put on a heavy coat.

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