Attention Students and Teachers!

Mini ponies and horses have played a major role in our history. Art, history, science, sports, literature, and other areas of study are all suitable for projects or education regarding mini ponies and horses in our lives, past and present. Educational efforts regarding horse and mini pony slaughter and protections of wild horses here in Arizona as you can help get the word out about current crisis in the equine world. Be creative and use Winston, other mini ponies and horses as part of your next in-class project!

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Report Abuse

Report suspected abuse or neglect of mini ponies and horses to your local humane society or the animal control section in your county sheriff’s department. Report to the officials who handle animal control for the county in which horses are located.

Contact Your Representatives

Call, write or email your Congressional representatives on equine abuse issues such as wild horse roundups and horse slaughter. You can find your elected officials at and

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Volunteers are welcome to assist help raising funds at annual events, usually during November to May. We need help calling on companies, working at special events, selling tee shirts and much more. Please contact us about potential opportunities at

There are a variety of ways you can help the children with free education programs and scholarships in addition to tax deductible contributions. Here are some of them:

Volunteers and Sponsors Getting Creative

Here’s is a story what Gina from Flagstaff Arizona did:

“Well it is hard to believe that I did it! I walked 150 miles in 51 hours. It was an amazing, experience and whenever when I was tired or discouraged I just thought of all the children I will be helping. This gave me the passion to push thru the tough spots again and again as I was in so much pain and discomfort each hour as the time seemed like it was never going to end.

I would say to myself you can do it as each step I took was one step closer to helping children learn and be educated on miniture ponies and horses. What was most awesome is all the people I met when walking and told my story on what I was doing and how many gave me the info and said I like to sponsor you. I cannot believe how many did and thank you.

I stop to have something to eat about 6:15 am, as I sit in a pasture look up at the sky as the sun was climbing over the mountains and I was so amazed. Off to the left was a wild horse just looking at me and I said to my self lets go we can do this. As I set out to keep the challenge going, I can feel the ponies and horses talking to me and giving me the power to go on. As I cross the finish line a warmth went over me knowing I have help. I would like to thank each and every one of you who pledged your support and sponsored me.”

Thank You Gina !