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Pony4Precious mission is to educate children on miniature ponies and horses through free online education training programs, working with horse rescue, donate Free books, and award yearly scholarships.

Please Buy Me A Pony

How many times has someone special in your life asked you for a pony of their very own, especially with the pony craze all over the internet and TV? Now you can make all their dreams come true and support a charity at the same time. With this special offer you can purchase one adoption share of Winston, the miniature pony you see on Pony4precious.org. What makes this offer so special? You don’t have the responsibilities of owning a pony such as; feeding, washing, grooming, training, scooping up poop, and the cost of vet bills, 7 days a week 2-3 times a day. We take care of this for you. You will still be able to say to your family and friends that you own a share of a pony. With your purchase or donation, you will be supporting this charity that offers scholarships, free books, children’s free online educational learning lessons, the responsibility of natural horsemanship, horse rescue, and many other important topics that affect the welfare of our equine friends, as well as educate tomorrow’s leaders. Pony 4 Precious Inc. is a nonprofit registered 501 (c) 3. of the IRS Code, and thus all charitable donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law under IRS section 170. Our Tax ID 81-3647400

Adopt Winston

Winston is one of the funniest, most colorful ponies we have ever been introduced to. Winston just like most kids likes to get into trouble and is very mischievous. Even with all these delightful traits ponies are a big commitment. We take the work out of this for you, which is what makes this such a special opportunity. Winston is peaceful and intelligent, he is learning how to listen and obey commands. The best part is Cowboy Mike will take care of Winston for you.When he is sick Cowboy Mike will nurture him back to health, when he is sad Cowboy Mike will cheer him up. When you want to go on vacation you do not have to worry about making arrangments for your ponies care, Cowboy Mike will take care of him for you. Ponies have spirited smart souls and seek attention and reassurance constantly. Ask your parents, “Can I have a Pony please?” Just think you never have to feed him, clean after him and make sure he is healthy. Winston will be part of your life and you can tell your friends, “I have a pony, do you?” How cool is that!

Our Mission

Our goals and mission every day are to try and educate children about Winston, miniature ponies, and horses. Our website offers videos, information, pictures, training, games and kid-friendly educational pieces that cater to all different types of children throughout the world! Pony 4 Precious is a Platinum Seal of Transparency states Mike Eastwood CEO. Only 1% of charities receive this level in the USA. We have received our Platinum level in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021. Pony 4 Precious is an official Certifying Organization for the President’s Volunteer Service Award. The ability to bestow Presidential recognition to our volunteers is a tremendous honor. This website will explain the equine lifestyle and as someone who used to work in the city, I had the opportunity to meet with many families who felt Winston could bring a lot of joy and fun into their lives. Pony 4 Precious Inc. gives children a sense of ownership by being able to own a symbolic adoption share of a pony, in addition to having access to online activities that will not only be fun, but also educational. We know all kids love miniature ponies because “everyone wants a pony” but where can they go to learn about ponies when you live in a city? Our goals include granting yearly scholarships to provide to those who are looking to further their education after high school. We will fund educational programs that children can be passionate about. Your current state of residence shouldn’t prevent you from being able to learn the important lessons that animals can teach us. We will offer three programs as the charity grows with Education, Horse Rescue Charities and Scholarships. Please support our cause with your donation. Just remember “everyone wants a pony.”

The Benefits of Sponsoring Pony 4 Precious Inc.

Why supporting Pony 4 Precious Charity is the ONLY way to go.

If you sponsor, adopt or donate to Pony 4 Precious Inc. you will not need to consider the following responsibilites required by owning a pony. How much time will you spend with the pony each day? How much money is it going to cost you? Do you have the resources to manage the pony? Owning a pony takes hard work and dedication. Owning a pony during mild weather is one thing, but keeping a Pony in good condition in the winter through rain and snow is quite another.

These animals are domesticated, they are not wild. They need to be properly cared for and have an environment that provides for them. Pony care is 24/7, they also need their hooves trimmed every 6-8 weeks, fresh Alfalfa hay on hand that will feed your pony for 7 days. You may also need to give your pony supplements every night. There are also miscellaneous things your pony needs like salt licks in the Summer, deworming medication, semi-annual injections in addition to yearly vet and dentist check and the list goes on…

Daily Care

Everyday your pony needs to be fed hay in the morning and at night. Ponies should be let out into an open space such as a fenced arena or pasture to roam, run and play. Water troths need to be checked for clean fresh water daily. In addition to everyone’s favorite chore of mucking stalls. Stalls need to be clean to keep flys and bugs away from your pony. So before you buy a pony ask yourself, do you have the space and time to dedicate to your equine friend?

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Food And Other Needs

Every 6-8 weeks, all horses, including ponies, need their hoofs to be trimmed which will cost around $50. Such as any animal, ponies need to eat! Food for a pony can cost between $15-$20 a week. Some ponies even need supplments to support their joints, hoofs, etc… These supplements can range from $30-$50 a month! Don’t forget ponies also have to get their shots and other basic grooming supplies such as shampoo, fly spray, etc…

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Do You Own Land?

Owning a pony is awesome for a person who has land, i.e. ranch or a few acres. The property will need to have horse stalls and a fenced pasture and/or arena for your pony to get the adequate amount of excercise. Ponies require a specific enviroment to properly thrive in. If you don’t have land, most areas offer horse boarding stables that can range from $200-$900 a month, depending on the type of boarding facility and your location.

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Members Feedback

Best birthday gift ever! I

Best birthday gift ever! I ordered for my granddaughter. I recommend this to everyone. Easy to order, arrived on time, nice certificate, letter and a photo of Winston. I bought this for my granddaughters 5th birthday. Now I am the favorite grandmother. – Wellington Stephne

Pony 4 Precious is the way

Pony 4 Precious is the way to go! The expression on my son’s face when I told him I bought him a pony was the best thing we have shared together in a long time!– Daniel Radcliffe

Brilliant, very easy process, best

Brilliant, very easy process, best charity I ever supported and will donate again. The presentation was great! My kids think I am a super star! Its one of those fun gifts you can enjoy for years. My friends love the idea and will be donating for Christmas gifts.– Emma Watson



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