Cowboy Mike Steals the Show

June 23, 2024, was a day to remember as Michael (Cowboy Mike) Eastwood, the beloved children’s book author and local hero, took center stage at the NAZ Wranglers game. With his signature flair and community spirit, Cowboy Mike had the honor of performing the ceremonial coin toss, igniting excitement among fans and young readers alike. To add to the thrill, Cowboy Mike distributed 150 free children’s books from his popular series, Cowboy Mike and Winston, generously donated by West USA Realty of Prescott.

An Electrifying Coin Toss Ceremony

What is typically a routine moment turned into an electrifying spectacle as Cowboy Mike stepped onto the field. The crowd buzzed with anticipation, recognizing the significant contributions Cowboy Mike has made to the community. Dressed in his iconic cowboy attire, he approached the center of the field, the coin glinting in the sunlight, signaling the start of an unforgettable game day experience. The NAZ Wranglers’ gesture of inviting Cowboy Mike to perform the coin toss underscored their appreciation for his community impact and added a special touch to the day’s events.

Meet Cowboy Mike: A Beloved Community Figure

Michael Eastwood, fondly known as Cowboy Mike, is not just a children’s book author; he is a cherished figure in Prescott, Arizona. His acclaimed series, Cowboy Mike and Winston follows the adventures of Cowboy Mike and his trusty pony, Winston, captivating young readers nationwide. These stories emphasize friendship, adventure, and the importance of nature, resonating deeply with children and parents alike. Cowboy Mike’s dedication to storytelling and his community has earned him a special place in many hearts. Visit 

The Impact of Cowboy Mike’s Books

Cowboy Mike’s books go beyond mere storytelling; they are educational treasures imparting essential life lessons. Each installment in the series engages young minds while delivering impactful messages. The vibrant illustrations and relatable characters transform learning into an enjoyable experience, fostering a love for reading from an early age. Both parents and educators praise the books for their ability to entertain and educate, making them indispensable in households and classrooms.

Community Involvement: Cowboy Mike’s Core Value

Michael Eastwood’s commitment to community involvement extends far beyond his writing. Regularly participating in local events, schools, and libraries, he reads to children and shares his narratives, reinforcing his dedication to community enrichment. His presence at the NAZ Wranglers game highlighted his pledge to give back to the community that has steadfastly supported him. Cowboy Mike’s efforts to promote literacy and his active role in community events have endeared him to the Prescott community and beyond.

The NAZ Wranglers: Champions On and Off the Field

The NAZ Wranglers are celebrated not only for their athletic prowess but also for their community engagement. By inviting Cowboy Mike to perform the coin toss, they demonstrated their respect for local heroes and their commitment to promoting literacy and education. This gesture underscores the team’s core values and their deep connection to fans that extends beyond the football field. The Wranglers’ dedication to community service and support for local initiatives make them a cornerstone of the Prescott community.

Game Day: A Celebration of Sports and Literacy

The game day on June 23, 2024, was a celebration of more than just football; it was a testament to literacy and community spirit. As Cowboy Mike took the field, fans cheered not only for the impending game but also for the joy and inspiration he brought to their children. The excitement reached new heights when Cowboy Mike handed out free copies of his books, creating lasting memories for many young fans. This unique blend of sports and literacy offered a rich and unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

The Power of Free Books

Distributing 150 free children’s books was a monumental effort by Cowboy Mike. This act of generosity ensured that many children, who might not otherwise have access to his stories, could enjoy his books. The heartwarming gesture underscored the importance of reading and the joy it brings to young minds. The beaming faces of children who received the books were a testament to the lasting impact of this generous act, fostering a lifelong love of reading.

Accessibility through Amazon and Barnes & Noble

The widespread availability of Cowboy Mike’s books on platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble has simplified access for parents and educators. These major platforms play a critical role in the distribution and visibility of quality children’s literature, enabling authors like Cowboy Mike to reach a wider audience. The ease and accessibility provided by these platforms have significantly contributed to the popularity of the Cowboy Mike and Winston series.

Positive Feedback from Parents and Children

The feedback from parents and children has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents value the wholesome content and engaging storytelling, while children are enthralled by the adventures of Cowboy Mike and Winston. Testimonials frequently highlight how these books have become cherished parts of bedtime routines and classroom libraries. The positive impact of Cowboy Mike’s stories on children’s reading habits and their enjoyment of storytelling is frequently emphasized.

Future Plans for Cowboy Mike

Michael Eastwood has no intention of slowing down. With plans to continue writing and engaging with his community, more books and events are on the horizon. His passion for storytelling and dedication to his readers ensure that many more adventures and lessons are to come. Upcoming plans include new book releases, interactive events, and community initiatives aimed at promoting literacy and fostering a love for reading among children.


The event on June 23, 2024, was a perfect fusion of sports, community, and literacy. Michael (Cowboy Mike) Eastwood’s role in the coin toss at the NAZ Wranglers game and his generous book distribution made the day special for many. It highlighted the power of community involvement and the joy of reading, leaving an indelible mark on all who attended. As Cowboy Mike continues his journey, his stories will undoubtedly inspire and educate countless young readers.

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