Cowboy Mike and Winston Explore Prescott, Arizona

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Tailored for budding equestrians, these books boast enchanting illustrations and captivating narratives that transport readers to the heart of cowboy culture and ranch life. Additionally, they offer valuable educational insights, enhancing children’s learning experiences.

But wait, there’s more! With every book purchase, 100% of proceeds are dedicated to Pony 4 Precious, a charity initiated by Cowboy Mike, extending free online education, scholarships, a Free book program, and training opportunities to horse enthusiasts worldwide. Make a meaningful impact while treating your child to both entertainment and enlightenment!

Embark on Cowboy Mike and Winston’s latest escapade at, and discover Pony 4 Precious’ noble mission at

Calling all parents and educators! Are you in search of an enthralling and educational book series for horse-loving youngsters? Look no further than the adventures of Cowboy Mike and Winston, the pony extraordinaire! Embark on a journey through “Cowboy Mike and Winston Explore Prescott, Arizona,” the sixth installment in their thrilling series, as they uncover the wonders of this vibrant city while residing at Blue Mountain Ranch.