Miniature Horse Weight Table

Would you like to know how much your miniature horse weighs? Maybe for their medication or just curious? Refer to this handy weight table from World Equine Veterinary Review/Vol.3:No.3: ’98. Use a sewing tape measure to measure the heart girth and then consult the table below to find the approximate weight of your miniature horse.

Minis at Home

People fall in love with miniature horses for many reasons. Some mini owners once raised full-sized horses but now have retired and moved to smaller property where they can’t keep big horses. By having minis, they can still share their love with horses, even though they don’t have a lot of room. Other people keep Continue Reading

Buying a Miniature Horse

Unfortunately, miniature horses are very expensive. The best show horses sell for thousands and thousands of dollars, with stallions being the most expensive. But a miniature horse breeder often has horses that are not perfect enough to be champions or to use as breeding stock. These animals may be bought for a few hundred dollars. Continue Reading

Spoke Person

On April 2, 2017 Colt Worley becomes a spoke person for Pony 4 Precious as he attends the CMSA events. Bello Sol Inc has help signed Colt to a agreement on sponsorship for Pony 4 Precious  charity and Colt will have the Pony 4 Precious patch on all his shirts.

Google Ads Grant

On April 13, 2017 Google awarded Pony 4 Precious $10,000 a month on grant ads to help promote the charity. This will give them a huge boost on people finding the website, learning more about the charity, Winston, Cowboy Mike and everything they offer..