How many times has someone special in your life asked you for a pony of their very own, especially with the pony craze all over the internet and TV? Kids love ponies and this is why the marketing companies and working with companies, developing TV and internet shows. Now you can make all their dreams come true and support a charity at the same time. There is this amazing website that will be the Christmas gift of the year for 2017. With this special offer you can purchase one adoption share of Winston, the miniature pony you see on Pony4precious.org. What makes this offer so special? You don’t have the responsibilities of owning a pony such as; feeding, washing, grooming, training, scooping up poop and the cost of vet bills, 7 days a week 2-3 times a day. We take care of this for you. You will still be able to say to your family and friends that you own a share of a pony. With your purchase or donation, you will be supporting charities and scholarships that work with children providing free online educational learning lessons, the responsibility of natural horsemanship and many other important topics that affect the welfare of our equine friends, as well as educate tomorrow’s leaders.

Pony 4 Precious Inc. is a nonprofit registered 501 (c) 3. For more information go to www.pony4precious.org.

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