Howdy! Cowboy Mike has someone for you all to meet…

A miniature pony named Winston, neighing a greet!

From the fun children’s book, A Day in The Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston by Michael Eastwood, we have two best friends sharing their day with us!

If there is one thing to derive from their adventures from dawn to dusk, it is the beautiful bond Winston, the miniature pony, and Cowboy Mike share!

Let’s discuss how their friendship is such an example for all readers.

  1. Unconditional Love:

The two live on a big ranch, where Cowboy Mike is seen taking care of Winston’s stable. Miniature ponies tend to make a mess and leave an untidy shed. Only for Cowboy Mike to step in and do all the work. Cowboy Mike never complains and makes sure that Winston is loved unconditionally. A good friendship is one that asks for nothing in return.

  1. Giving and Sharing:

Cowboy Mike feeds Winston to his heart’s content! He makes sure that his galloping buddy has had all the water a pony could ask for throughout the day. We see Cowboy Mike with these little gestures that inspire us to care for the people we love. From tending to Winston’s grumbling tummy to tucking him into bed at night, the two pals are side by side.

  1. Taking Care of Yourself:

Besides showing us how to take care of our friends, the book shows us that it is also important to take care of yourself. After a hard day of work and taking care of Winston, Cowboy Mike needs a much-needed shut-eye. If he does not get a full night’s sleep, he can’t take care of Winston. Similarly, we need to take care of ourselves before we can think of helping others.

  1. Spending Quality Time:

Friends that eat together stay together. Work doesn’t seem so tedious when you’re having fun at the same time! Cowboy Mike and Winston are seen performing various activities on the ranch together. From eating breakfast together to teaching kids how to take care of their ponies, the two make sure they have fun and are productive.

Cowboy Mike and Winston inspire us to be organized and have fun with our friends!

  1. Man’s Best Friend

Perhaps the most important message in the relationship between Cowboy Mike and Winston is kindness towards animals. In the book, Winston doesn’t feel any different than Cowboy Mike. This is because he chooses to treat him as an equal. In a world where animals are mistreated and humans are destroying their habitats, the book sends an underlying message, to be kind to the voiceless. They, too, have feelings, get hungry, and want to make friends.

Let them be your best friend.

Make A Day In The Life of Cowboy Mike and Winston Michael D. Eastwood a part of your child’s bedtime reads before they are up and running for another day in their life.

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