Start with a soft bristle brush for the face. Regular brushes are too hard for the sensitive face of a miniature horse, so save those for the legs and body.

@ If eyes or face need more cleaning, moisten a wash cloth and gently rub the places that need attention. Everyday clean his feet, pick out his feet with a metal tool.

@ Gently brush the forelock, mane and tail using a pin cushion type of hair brush. Start from the bottom of the tail and work your way up to the dock (in sections if needed). This breaks the fewest number of hairs. Remember, horses need their tails to keep thosepesky flies away.

@ Next comes a combination technique. It actually takes some practice (like rubbing your tummy and patting your head). Use circular motions with a soft rubber curry in one hand, following be a regular bristle body brush in the other to wipe away the dust and hair. Be gentle on the under belly and girth area as these are more sensitive.

@ Bathe the miniature horse as needed with gentle soap. The soap should not have a lot of chemicals in it, as they could dry and irritate the miniature horse’s skin. A good groom will bath a miniature horse only after a good brushing.

Developing a good grooming routine will serve both you and your horse well. While a beautiful, healthy coat begins on the inside with good nutrition, grooming maximizes its potential and provides wonderful emotional benefits for both horse and trainer.

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