Where there is a reasonable supply of grass, good quality hay may be the only extra food required by an adult Shetland in winter. A foal will probably require a small quantity of hard feed in addition to ad lib hay during its first winter. Many Shetlands live until they are over 20 years of age. The older pony may need extra rations in winter to maintain good condition. Shetlands are very hardy and seldom become ill, but they need regular worming, at least every six months, and hoof care as with all equines. Ponies may have to be treated for lice, particularly if they start rubbing their coats. Vets will happily advise on treatment for worms and lice. Healthy Shetlands are alert with bright clear eyes and have a reasonable covering over the ribs throughout the year. In winter, they will have a long thick coat but in the summer, the coat is short and smooth with a shine to it.

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